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Welcome aboard the USS Relativity NCV-474439-J, currently under the Command of Captain H’tar as many of you may know the Relativity first became famous under the command of Captain Braxton. This is the eleventh ship to carry the name Relativity so, please enjoy your tour and please do not touch the computer other then that enjoy your visit.

TCA: Touch Command Access and Retrieval System, This computer system interfaces by touch or simply moving a hand over them. A majority of the systems still require interface by touch, but when using the temporal systems programmed to respond to the hovering capabilities only this makes for more accurate orders.

Sensors and Hull: In order to perform its duties the Relativity is equipped with highly sophisticated sensors that can monitor the timeline. These sensors are located throughout the hull, but are centered and concentrated in the Temporal Array on the bow of the ship. They are extremely powerful and used to monitor events many hundreds of years in the past and from thousands of light-years away from the ship’s position. Starfleet improved the tactile nature of the Relativity, is also equipped with standardized sensors used on most of Starfleet's navy ships. However, the temporal nature of the ship increases range, accuracy, and identification.
Hull: The traditional two-hulled design favored for many years they replaced for a design that is more suitable for time travel. Overall, the ship has a better streamline design. This is to help it travel though time easier and with less stress to the ship. An alloy found in the early 26th century stood up to numerous tests including standard warp flight, Quantum Slipstream stress, as well as temporal phenomena experiments. To increase the structural integrity of the ship, however, a three-layered endo-skeleton of bulkheads and hull plating which they added after the class’ conception in 3844.

Defensive Systems: The Relativity is equipped with advance SIF and IDS. Along with Adaptive Ablative Armor Generators, Temporal Shields, and upgraded Muiltispectral Ablative Shields, the Relativity can easily defend herself from attack. For missions into the past, the Relativity has been equipped with improved conventional shielding as well that was adapted off traditional shield principles. Starfleet has replaced the long-used phasers with Epsilon-X type pulse disruptors. There are three disruptor cannons on the Relativity. The ship has the ability to switch to more weaponry that is conventional. The Relativity is also equipped with ten torpedo tubes. For are for temporal warfare and are located in the same positions as the ship’s disruptor ports, and an additional tube equipped in the rear of the ship for a 360-degree assault arc. These four tubes house typical 29th-century Transphasic Torpedoes. The remaining four tubes two on the bow, two on the stern) are loaded with advanced Quantum Torpedoes. There is a compliment of 400 Transphasic Torpedoes onboard as well as 200 traditional torpedoes.

The Relativity is equipped the normal 29th-century warp and impulse engines. Matter for the engines is through a substantial intake on the bottom of the ship that resembles an enormous grill. In function, it is similar to a Bussard ramscoop, used to collect hydrogen atoms. The impulse systems are located at the rear of the vessel's wings. When the Colossal Dark Ages began and the UFP crumbled to only a few outposts in the far reaches of the quadrant, much more substantial warp ability was needed an ordered by Starfleet. Designs for a Quantum Slipstream drive, which Starfleet implemented in 2402 after the return of the USS Voyager, were lost. In the year 2709, nearly three hundred years after its inception, the designs for the Quantum Slipstream drive were uncovered at the ruin site of the Daystrom Institute. Re-implementation of the drive began in 2812. The design of the Relativity is to travel through time. Because of that, the Relativity is also fitted with an enhanced Warp Core. There is, virtually, no degradation to subspace. This powers the remainder of the ship in standard flight. The Temporal Core, which runs down the center of the main core's shaft, harnesses the warp core's energy in temporal flight and when the Relativity is in an alternate timeline. However, the TIC (Temporal Integrity Commission) appears to favor making temporal transports, or sending smaller one-man vessels, whenever possible.

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